Dr Emma Therese Lewis

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

The Time

A single consultation is 50 minutes although partial sessions or double sessions are available where appropriate.

I recommend in-person consultations wherever possible but can arrange telephone sessions when necessary. Where distance dictates remote phone sessions, I recommend arranging occasional visits for an in -person session – however infrequently.

Meeting in person greatly facilitates the multi-modal, in-depth therapeutic process although telephone work is also effective. I do not use computers in my consultations.

All consultations begin with an initial assessment session. I use this session to establish an understanding of people, their situation and what is required. I made my recommendation at the end of that session. Where necessary I can offer further consultations and/or make referrals to other practitioners.

The Place

My practice is known as the Tea House and based in the Vale of Pewsey (SN9 5PS), near Marlborough and Devizes in Wiltshire. It is on the route of the ancient way (possibly the Ridgeway) running between Avebury Henge, Stonehenge and beyond.

My consulting room is  within sight of the ancient barrows, mounds and temples which line the Pewsey Vale. The most prominent, Adam’s Grave, was once named after Woden – father of the gods. These centres of burial, incubation and contemplation were central to the well-being of our ancestral communities – the process of death being integral to a good way of life.

The striking features of the Vale and its escarpments were made millions of years ago and its vitality and fertility have served not only agriculturally, but also the function of human realignment through every major epoch of human history.

The immediate locale is fed by ancient springs that nourish the place and the people. The ancient monuments which reflect the long-established natural power of this landscape and the skies above it are still being discovered.

Honeystreet is 5 miles west from Pewsey.  Pewsey Station is 60-70 minutes from London Paddington. Wiltshire Connect run a bus service between Honeystreet, Pewsey and other areas of Wiltshire. There is a scenic and easy walk along the Kennet & Avon canal between Pewsey and Honeystreet.