Dr Emma Therese Lewis

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Phd (Trans.Psych.) MA (Distinction) Dip Couns.& Psych BA MBPsS

My life is an on-going inquiry into the forces which  enable and sustain human beings and our relationships, and those that impede and frustrate us. I pursue alignment to the former and an understanding of the latter.

Early on in my working life, as a corporate strategist on the boards of multi-national companies and, later, through the launch, development and sale of my own companies, I learned  much about the development of organizations and people. Leveraging time spent on various businesses in different continents and cultures, I  subsequently applied my experience  in advising and coaching other organizations and leadership teams with their development.

Wanting to pursue the psychological aspects of my inquiry as immersively as possible, I turned next to psychotherapy training and took advantage of the focus the academic route provides (completing my PhD). Over time I have refined my approach to inquiry – relying increasingly on dreams – and deepened my understanding of the human condition.

Central to my inquiry, throughout my life, I have practiced as counsellor, coach, consultant, psychotherapist, supervisor and tutor within charities, colleges, companies and private practice. I have been taken into wide-ranging and interesting psychological terrain through attending to others’ experiences which has served to deepen my understanding of individuals, groups and their relationships.

My central finding – and the principle by which I live –  is that healing is enabled rather than enacted. It is not something we do – it is an on-going, natural process we sometimes allow and encourage and against which we often struggle and protest.

My inquiry is ongoing – oriented by dreams and the detail of daily life, the fertile landscape in which I live, yoga practice and study of our historical and current cultural conditioning.