Dr Emma Therese Lewis

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

My practice comprises three elements: Consultations, Supervision and Research

Consultations: I am available as a depth psychotherapist to individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations.  I work with relationships of all kinds. Drawing on a foundation of extensive research, formal study and a long-standing psychotherapy practice (see Bio), I pay close attention to people’s experiences – particularly any dreams – and what they convey. This approach maintains my focus on the specific needs of each individual situation; a person’s character, place in the world, how they have been treated, and the obstacles to well-being they face.

The form and the timing of any consultation is driven by the needs of the person; psychotherapy, coaching, mediation etc.; one-off sessions, short-term and open-ended arrangements are all options.

All arrangements begin with an assessment consultation after which a recommendation is made.

Supervision:  I use the same approach to support  other psychotherapists and counsellors in their own practices enabling them in turn to focus on what is unfolding; in them, their patients and in the dynamics between them – again relying on dreams where available.  These consultations can be one-off or on-going arrangements.

I am known for getting to the heart of the matter quickly and for a direct approach.  Consultations often revitalise someone feeling “hopeless”, “tired”, “stuck” or worse. I have written in some depth about the therapeutic process and  presented my findings to a professional body of my peers. (UKCP Research Conference 2011)

Research: My research has always been grounded in my personal experience and driven by personal interest and then compared to and contextualised by the discoveries of other theorists.  I have always facilitated groups in order to ongoingly learn about the experiences of others.

My current research – post-doctorate – examines the function of dreams in restoring the human psyche. For over 20 years I have used research as a crucible to  thoroughly explore and evaluate  all theories concerning human development – specifically the dynamics of maturation and restoration. During this process,  I  have been shown the superiority of dreams as the essential vehicle of human recovery indeed as central to the process of being human.